Add custom scrolls to your site

Flying screens

You can use this tool on

  • home pages, like this one right here
  • product catalogues
  • news tickers
  • custom select boxes in forms
  • image galleries
  • video playlists
  • all kinds of navigational systems

The main design goals of this tool are to provide visual customization, ease of use and programmability. The first version of the library was released on January 3, 2008. Since then, this tool has come a long way and it is now a stable and mature product.

Rich yet simple

  • Horizontal and vertical scrolling.
  • Scrolling using navigational buttons, API calls, keyboard arrow keys, and the mouse scroll wheel.
  • Any amount of items on one "page". Pages can have variable width.
  • The navigational buttons are setup without a single line of JavaScript.
  • Tabbed navigation like this example can be setup without any programming.
  • Programmatic actions are available, such as: next, prev, seekTo, begin,and end.
  • Dynamic addition and removal of Scrollable items.
  • The ability to customize the scrolling experience with onBeforeSeek and onSeek listeners.
  • Ability to setup infinite loops without beginning or end

All of this in just a 1.02 Kb file! Unmatched. Uncomparable.

Extendable architecture

Just like other tools this tool can be extended with plugins. Currently available plugins include:

  • autoscroll   makes the scrolling behaviour automatic and is highly configurable.
  • navigator   provides navigation buttons for switching between pages in Scrollable. Can be enabled with a history feature so that you can scroll with your browser's back (and forward) button.

You can also write your own plugins. Another way to alter the default behaviour is the ability to make your own animation effects. There is lots of room for experimentation!